Update: Thanks to your push back, Governor Murphy did not adopt this regulation. BUT HE IS PROPOSING A NEW ONE. CLICK HERE.

Say NO to the Energy Master Plan’s Rent and Property Tax Hikes

An extreme mandate will squeeze town budgets, increase local taxes and force higher rents

Like you, we are concerned about climate change and support sensible and effective action to combat it. We know that New Jersey residents share this commitment to responsibly reducing emissions.

Unfortunately, a new Energy Master Plan (EMP) regulation that is irresponsible, costly, and disruptive will soon go into effect. The mandate forces thousands of apartment buildings, schools, places of worship, government buildings, and businesses to replace their existing boilers with electric boilers by January 1, 2025.

This electrification mandate is reckless and extreme and will have significant negative consequences for New Jersey families.

How this extreme boiler mandate impacts your community

This regulation on commercial buildings went through without any input from the legislature — or the public. Conveniently, the agency overseeing the EMP chose not to provide cost estimates for these boiler retrofits. The costs will be staggering.

These conversions to electric boilers will cost $2 million or more. That’s a statewide price tag of nearly $17 billion!

And the financial pain doesn’t end there. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has acknowledged that it will cost four to five times more to heat a building with electricity than it does with natural gas! The complete list of affected facilities can be found here.

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What does that mean for New Jersey families and communities?

  • Since many of these conversions are in tax-payer-funded buildings — like courthouses, government buildings, and schools — you can expect ballooning local taxes.
  • Anyone living in an affected apartment building will face higher rents.
  • Churches, synagogues, mosques, and other religious schools and institutions will see their finances severely impacted.
  • Small businesses and charitable organizations will take massive budgetary hits.

New Jersey families have been hit hard already with the highest inflation in 40 years. They shouldn’t have to absorb more financial burdens because of an extreme government mandate that they had no input on.

Make your voice heard NOW!

There are responsible, balanced solutions to carbon reduction that won’t force New Jersey residents to endure higher rent and more taxes. This regulation is being pushed through without input from New Jersey residents. Lawmakers need to know that you don’t support this irresponsible, disruptive electrification mandate.

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