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2021 Governor’s Debate – How Will Much Will Your Clean Energy Plan Cost?

Information on the new Boiler Regulations

“NJDEP Boiler Permit List”
Data Management Group – Bureau of Stationary Sources, August 26, 2022
“NJ Energy Master Plan – NJDEP Boiler Regulation”
Smart Heat NJ, August 1, 2022

Backing Up the $20,000 Estimate

“Cost of Residential Air-Source Heat Pumps”
Diversified Energy Specialists, September 1, 2021
“NJ Heat Pump Transition Considerations”
Exergy Partners Corp., September 1, 2021

In the News

“Business, Labor Groups Want Legislature To Review State Boiler Replacement Plan”
New Jersey Globe, September 12, 2022
“Energy’s role in N.J.’s future: 5 questions with Eric DeGesero of the Fuel Merchants of New Jersey”
ROI-NJ, June 1, 2022
“$17 billion for boilers? Some doubt energy plan is feasible”
ROI-NJ, April 6, 2022
“Cost correction draws more criticism for Murphy’s electrification plan”
New Jersey Monitor, February 3, 2022
“Trade groups, elected officials, administration debate cost, impact of electrification in Energy Master Plan”
ROI-NJ, October 4, 2021
“Trenton’s Dirty Little Secret: Nobody Can Afford the Energy Master Plan”
New Jersey Business Magazine, October 4, 2021
“Everything to know about New Jersey’s misguided push for clean energy”
USA Today, September 21, 2021
“N.J.’s Energy Master Plan: Noble idea, disastrous economic impact”
ROI-NJ, September 14, 2021
“Pipefitters union leader opposes Murphy electrification plan”
New Jersey Globe, September 13, 2021
“Growing chorus of critics want to hit the brakes on N.J. electric heating mandate”
New Jersey Monitor, September 8, 2021
“The grid’s big looming problem: Getting power to where it’s needed”
Washington Post, June 29, 2021

Additional Resources

“NJ Office of Emergency Management’s 2019 Hazard Mitigation Program”
5.22 Power Failure,” 2019

Industry Resources

bio diesel
renewable propane